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A Customer-Led CMO's Path to the C-Suite with Carol Meyers: CustomerXCon 2023

Posted Mar 28, 2024 | Views 32
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Carol Meyers
Carol Meyers
Carol Meyers
Independent Board Director & Go-to-Market Advisor @ Various
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Driving Customer-Led Growth is not easy. It takes a bold vision for creative ways to mobilize customers. It requires clear, confident and persuasive communication with executives. It forces cultural change and overcoming obstacles.

Jeff Ernst sits down with Carol Meyers at CustomerXCon 2023 for a fireside chat about how she became customer-centric, her career path to the C-suite, and the skills and behaviors she needed to develop along the way. Carol is former CMO of Rapid7, Workhuman, LogMeIn, and Unica. She now serves as an advisor and director for dozens of high growth companies.

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