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How to set yourself up for promotion

Posted Mar 28, 2024 | Views 32
# Career Tips
Holly Burton
Holly Burton
Holly Burton
Leadership Career Coach @ Holly Burton Coaching & Consulting
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Dying to get promoted but not sure how to make it happen? Whether you’re just starting to work up the courage to advocate for a new title, or you’ve been asking to move up the ladder since Prince was Partying Like It’s 1999, navigating the bureaucratic vortex of company promotion cycles can be completely mystifying.

Don’t worry, though! This talk will help you understand the key steps you need to take to make yourself irresistibly promote-able and lock in your career advancement by year end.

Key Takeaways:

  • The conversation you need to have with your boss ASAP to get your promotion on their radar
  • How to get the performance feedback you need to fuel your advancement
  • Ways to focus your work on business-critical areas that will help justify your promotion
  • Negotiation techniques you can use to get your boss on your side and up your chances of getting a ‘yes’ to your new title
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