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April 26, 2024

Tips and Tricks to get the most out of the CustomerX Community

# Community

How to get around, find what you need, and be involved

Dana Alvarenga
Dana Alvarenga

Tip 1: Engage in the Forum

  1. At the top there are forum boards. Here you will see forum posts categorized to match the topics.
  2. Below is ALL of the forum posts by the Community sorted by either HOT which is with a multiple upvotes and comments or you can view by NEW
  3. Coming soon the ability to @ mention someone in a comment or post

Tip 2: Use the Search Functionality

  1. Type in a topic or a keyword or a # that you want to search on; Customer Marketing for example. You will get a whole list of all the aspects in the Community where Customer Marketing is referenced (See image)

Tip 3 Use the Member Filters

  1. The Early Adopter Connectors were deliberate and intentional on what we asked in the onboarding member profile. These questions help peer sort and filter to find someone in a similar company size, someone with a skillset they are looking to improve upon.
  2. Head to the member tab and check out all the Filter options along the left side.

Tip 4 Join an Event!!

  1. You do not need to leave to jump into a Zoom meeting anymore. The events and meetings happen right here in Gradual in the Community
  2. After the event you get a whole thread of the messages in your message section that occurred in the chat and access to the attendees to continue the conversations and networking!!

Tip 5 Check out all the amazing Partners that make this all possible

  1. This Community will be the event app that powers CustomerXCon so now there is a one place to view the agenda, network with your peers, meet the speakers and learn more about the supporters and partners that make CustomerXCon a reality year after year.

Thank you all for being a part of the NEW version of the CustomerX Community!!! Have fun!

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